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Thank you for your interest in the Professional Affiliation Program. We are a training company; a training company created by financial professionals, for financial professionals.

We specialize in helping financial service providers effectively reach the accounting industry.
Accounting professionals are uniquely positioned to coordinate their clients’ tax, estate, insurance, and investment needs.
Investment advisors are uniquely positioned to implement these same client needs.
Accountants have the relationships investment advisors desire — investment advisors have the implementation expertise accountants need.
We train investment advisors to work within a system that accounting professionals understand — a system that cultivates a culture of balance and trust. This system provides the knowledge and skills to enable the accounting professional to offer financial services as a natural complement to their traditional accounting practice.
The investment advisors and the accounting professional share in the success of the new alliance, but it is the accountant’s clients that truly benefit the most. They have their most trusted advisor helping them to coordinate financial services, and provide an objective and sensitive system.