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Program Specifics

Our Professional Affiliation Program acknowledges the shortcomings of a product-oriented approach to the accounting industry. It was designed specifically to help accounting professionals offer financial services to their clients in an ethical, sensitive, and effective manner. Our experience working with accounting professionals has allowed us to develop a comprehensive system, which cultivates a culture of cooperation and trust.

Answer:Clients have several ways in which they can pay for services rendered: hourly, fixed fee, percent of assets or commission reimbursement. These alternatives give the clients flexibility, allowing them to determine and select the most cost-effective method of compensation for services. Clients pay no additional money for having their CPA involved in this process. When properly licensed, the accounting professional can share in the commission or fee that they would incur anywhere they choose to implement a solution.

Do More! Accounting professionals do so much for their clients – This brochure shows them how to take their client relationships to an even deeper level.

Getting Started Learn about the specifics of the Professional Affiliation Program and how we help you navigate the regulatory requirements of creating a new financial services entity.