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Ongoing Support

Although the many aspects of a strategic alliance can seem daunting, rest assured that we offer complete support to you in every step of this process.

One of our Senior Partners will personally guide you through affiliation, testing and licensing, initial setup of your financial services entity, introduction of your new services, client meetings, and implementation of and financial services solutions.

Marketing Materials for Your New Strategic Alliance


After you are licensed, appointed and have established your new financial service entity, you will need to let your clients know about the new services you offer. Our program is truly full service in this respect.

We have created turnkey templates for an initial marketing package that includes letterhead, envelopes and business cards as well as a brochure that can help introduce the new services. Our processing manual also contains sample letters that can be used in direct mailings to selected clients of your practice.

We will provide you with:

  • Recommended business structure office set-up
  • Coordination of licensing and credentialing
  • Assistance in developing and implementing the business plan
  • Administrative and compliance support
  • Comprehensive, objective financial planning
  • Performance reporting system for affiliated fee-based programs
  • Back-office support, including execution, settlement and custodial services