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Provide Financial Services to Your Existing Clients

Accounting professionals are uniquely positioned to coordinate their clients’ tax, estate, insurance, and investment needs. The Professional Affiliation Program partners are uniquely positioned to implement these same client needs. This is the basis for a mutually beneficial strategic alliance.

As an accounting professional, you are in the best position to understand your clients' complete financial picture. However, most CPA's and Accountants typically do not have the time necessary to develop financial services capabilities to help those clients. Our Professional Affiliation Program provides the structure and system that empowers you to create your own financial services business. This is a business with your name on it, a name that has value to your clients. Your clients will benefit from these new services, as well as your new ability to coordinate their complete tax, estate, and investment services.

Our managing partners have over 40 combined years of experience partnering with accounting professionals like you to expand your services and diversify your revenue streams. They will personally work with your firm as a "business development specialist" to provide the structure and system necessary to create your own financial services business. This full service system covers every aspect of the process - from the initial setup to the introduction of your new services. Our managing partners provide time, expertise, and experience, and are available for every client meeting.

Our program does not expect you to become an expert in all the facets of the financial services industry. It simply allows your clients to benefit from your insight and our knowledge of financial markets. Together, we can provide them with an individualized approach for fulfilling their personal investment objectives.

Call us at 248.882.5000 to talk directly with one of our managing partners. We can help you expand your practice while enhancing your position as a trusted advisor to your clients.